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The biological Strath method

Strath products are fermented

The Strath method is among the faex manufacturing methods which takes account of the age-old realization that man possesses a spiritual organism as well as a body and that in the event of strain, stress and frailty both can be promoted with specially prepared food supplements. The natural world is full of substances which can have an effect on our physical and mental state. In the case of herbs these are strengthening and regulating powers.

It is the job of the Strath method to extract from the plant parts used those substances which are most important to the organism and to prepare these and upgrade them in various operations. The processing and refining of the active ingredients is developed over several decades of our experience. This procedure of preparation is performed biologically by the metabolic processes of the active yeast cells which are used in large quantities and in a highly purposeful way. All the reactions to take place here result in interactions between the energetic activities of the yeast cells and the active ingredients contained in the plants used.

The main constituent of all Strath products is a fermented extract from several herbs and a yeast extract from a special Strath yeast. The individual Strath yeasts are cultivated by the addition of a valuable nutrient concentrate made up of sugar beet juice, malt extract, honey and plant extracts and in this way obtain their typically individual character.

How Strath products work

The biodynamic manufactoring method also explains how Strath products work.

The naturally holistic makeup of Strath products permits a broad influencing of the complex processes at work in metabolism. Thanks to their content of substantial ingredients and activated herbal powers they can affect both mental disorders as well as physical indispositions.

By strengthening and stimulating the affected organs and activating the organism's own healing capacity, Strath products promote and contribute to normal bodily functions. They are especially suitable for mild to moderate disorders and indispositions.

PK-SAN - Fermented Food Supplements

PK-SAN, the tasty yeast-herbal elixier - an organic system-related nutritional supplement for healthy nutrition.

When subject to excessive physical and mental stress and an imbalanced style of life, our organism often requires more vital substances and natural energy sources. PK-SAN yeast-herbal elixirs offer a balanced variety of herbs, vegetables und fruits fermented with yeast as well as extracts from special herbal yeasts to match the various organic systems und functions. All the plant and yeast extracts are manufactured using the biological Strath method.

The PK-SANs meet highly specific, organic system-related nutritional requirements and are thus able to make a substantial contribution to the maintenance of healthy harmony.

Five different PK-SANs are available - each with a different selection of herbs and for different areas of application

PK-SAN F for the woman
PK-SAN M for the man
PK-SAN K for the circulation
PK-SAN N for nervous people
PK-SAN E for natural relief

All PK-SANs contains thiamine (=vitamin B1). 20 ml cover 36% of the daily requirement of vitamin B1.

PK-SANs are wholesome and pleasant-tasting

Gentle preparation using the biological Strath method and the successful blending of all ingredients lend the PK-SAN yeast-herbal elixirs their pleasant flavour and easy digestibility.

Recommended use: 2 times daily, 1 tablespoon (= 10 ml) PK-SAN as a supplement to food. 20 ml (= 0.4 mg thiamine) cover 36% of the recommended daily requirement of thiamine.

The 17 vol.-% alcohol contained in the PK-SANs occurs to a large extent naturally in the course of the manufacturing process.

Available as: 250 ml

PK-SAN, the wise supplement to PK-STRATH herbal yeast

PK-SANs are aimed at gender-specific organs and functions and organic systems. When subjected to particular forms of stress, the organism needs the specific support provided by PK-SANs as a wise supplement to herbal yeast.